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Tirupati Balaji Yatra ( 6 Days/ 5 Nights ) - LK Holidays
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Tirupati Balaji Yatra ( 6 Days/ 5 Nights )

LK Holidays
LK Holidays / Tirupati Balaji Yatra ( 6 Days/ 5 Nights )

Tirupati Balaji Yatra ( 6 Days/ 5 Nights )


per person

From mist-kissed mornings to starlit evenings, Shimla casts a spell that resonates with every heartbeat of love. As you embark on this journey of togetherness, let the hills of Shimla serenade your souls and paint your love story against a canvas of breathtaking vistas.

Embark on a transcendent pilgrimage with LK Holidays as we extend a heartfelt invitation to experience the celestial enchantment of our 6 Days / Nights Tirupati Balaji Yatra. Nestled in the verdant landscapes of southeastern India, Tirupati stands as a testament to spiritual richness and cultural vibrancy. Our meticulously crafted itinerary invites you to immerse yourself in the sacred embrace of this divine destination, guided by the expertise and hospitality of LK Holidays.

At the heart of this pilgrimage lies the revered Sri Venkateswara Temple, an architectural marvel and an abode of Lord Balaji, where every stone reverberates with centuries-old spiritual energy. As you traverse through the hallowed corridors of this temple, you’ll witness not just a place of worship but a living testament to the devotion that has echoed through generations.

Beyond the temple walls, our journey takes you to the ethereal Tirumala hills, a sanctuary where spirituality intertwines with nature’s grandeur. Srivari Padalu and Silathoranam, nestled amidst these hills, unfold tales of divine footprints and sacred rock formations, offering a panoramic view of Tirupati’s spiritual landscape.

The journey extends to Chandragiri Fort, a historical masterpiece that narrates stories of valor and regality. Raja Mahal and Rani Mahal, within the fort’s embrace, whisper tales of a bygone era, immersing you in the rich heritage that defines Tirupati.

Amidst the spiritual exploration, a visit to Govindaraja Swamy Temple adds another layer to your journey, where the ambiance resonates with the devoutness of ages. The bustling local markets offer an opportunity to take a piece of Tirupati’s cultural tapestry home, ensuring that your pilgrimage extends beyond the sacred sites.

As the sun sets on this spiritual odyssey, LK Holidays invites you to be part of a journey that transcends the ordinary and elevates the soul. Our commitment to seamless travel experiences ensures that every moment is infused with comfort, allowing you to focus on the spiritual revelations Tirupati has to offer.

Book your Tirupati Balaji Yatra with LK Holidays—a journey where divinity meets discerning travel, creating memories that resonate far beyond the pilgrimage. The sacred call awaits; answer it with us.

5 Days
12+ Age
  • Departure
  • Return Time
    Approximately 8:30 PM.
  • Include
    Transfers in comfortable vehicles
    Sightseeing tours with knowledgeable guides
    Airport Transfers
    Daily breakfast
  • Not Included
    Accommodation in well-appointed hotels
    Departure Taxes
    All applicable taxes and fees

Day 1: Arrival in Tirupati

  • Begin your spiritual sojourn as you arrive in Tirupati, where the warmth of LK Holidays welcomes you.
  • Transfer to a carefully selected hotel, ensuring a seamless check-in experience for your comfort.
  • The evening unfolds at Kapila Theertham, a cascading waterfall steeped in mythological significance.
  • Savor a delectable dinner and retire for the night in the comfort of your accommodation.

Day 2: Sri Venkateswara Temple Darshan

  • The day starts with an early morning visit to the revered Sri Venkateswara Temple for a soul-stirring darshan.
  • Delve into the intricacies of the temple's architecture and absorb the spiritual energy that envelops this sacred space.
  • Pay homage at Akasaganga Teertham and Papavinasam Teertham.
  • Retreat to your hotel for a restful overnight stay.

Day 3: Tirumala Sightseeing

  • Explore the sacred Tirumala hills, adorned with spiritual gems like Srivari Padalu and Silathoranam.
  • Participate in the Abhishekam ceremony at the temple, enhancing your connection with the divine.
  • Afternoon sojourn at the Sri Vari Museum, housing a treasure trove of historical artifacts.
  • Your spiritual haven awaits for a rejuvenating night's stay.

Day 4: Chandragiri Fort Excursion

  • Embark on a day-long excursion to the historic Chandragiri Fort, a testament to architectural grandeur and cultural richness.
  • Uncover the stories within Raja Mahal and Rani Mahal, revealing the fort's royal heritage.
  • Return to Tirupati in the evening, where a delightful dinner and a restful night await you.

Day 5: Govindaraja Swamy Temple and Shopping

  • Visit the spiritually significant Govindaraja Swamy Temple, adding another layer to your divine experience.
  • Dive into the vibrant local markets, offering an array of traditional souvenirs to cherish.
  • Optionally, indulge in the evening's cultural show for an extra touch of local flavor.
  • Conclude the day with a sumptuous dinner and a peaceful night's sleep.

Day 6: Departure

  • Bid adieu to Tirupati as you check out from your hotel, taking with you the memories of a profound spiritual journey.
  • Our seamless transfer service ensures a hassle-free journey to the airport or railway station.
  • As you board your onward journey, reflect on the divine moments experienced with LK Holidays.

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Value For Money

Deluxe Hotel Accommodation Price Per Person
Travel Cost Based 2 to 3 Adult Per person Cost 350 US Doll 29,000.Indian Rupees
Travel Cost Based 4 to 7 Adult Per Person Cost 325 US Dollar 27,000 Indian Rupees
Travel Cost Based on 8 to 11 Adult Per Person Cost 300 US Dollar 25,000 Indian Rupees
Travel Cost Based on 12 to 20 Adult Per Person Cost 275 US Dollar 23,000 Indian Rupees
Book the Trip 30 Days Before Get 10% Discount
Double Shared Room Double Shared Room

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